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kernel netbook 3.5.4

Aquí está la ultima version del kernel de linux compilado a la "manera debian"; es la version 3-5.4 optimizado para netbook, la configuración del núcleo la tomé de kernel-netbook 

Información tomada kernel-netbook:

Some features:
Without initrd image (optional support)
Optimized for Intel Atom CPU (CONFIG_MATOM)
Optimized battery management
Added external firmware1
Kernel Mode Settings
Arch official patchset
Support to encrypted partition
BFS (default) and BFQ (optional) scheduler
Tux On Ice support
Native support for CPU scaling
Light, once installed only 10MB used (kernel26 uses 51MB)
Headers in a separated package (kernel-netbook-headers) - Not requested in a standard system

[1] broadcom-wl
Supported netbooks:
Asus Eeepc
Acer Aspire One
MSI Wind
Samsung N-series
Dell Mini
Lenovo Ideapad
Sony Vaio Netbooks
HP mini
Toshiba NB-series
Many others similar

Descarga: http://www.4shared.com/file/FGtZFB0A/linux-image-354-netbook_354-ne.html 
Descarga: http://www.4shared.com/file/l22_HExl/linux-headers-354-netbook_354-.html

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